Modellz has been formed by a group of enthusiastic current Gen youngsters who have in-depth knowledge about the modelling world and a rich know how on marketing techniques needed for the aspiring models coupled with an effective expertise in matching the existing talent pool with the talent seekers.

Modellz is an inexhaustible platform for artists who want to make a mark in the field of Advertising Cinema, Television and Events. This digital bridge between artists and scouts will open up a plethora of opportunities in the said areas.


A one stop talent portal for upcoming/existing models and the talent seekers without having to search further for opportunities or talents.

Modellz incorporates all the required information and services in the world of modelling and makes it available with just a click. Whether you are a model who has marked your footprint in this vast ocean of talents or are an aspiring artist who could use services to enhance your acting skills, or are looking for a database where the best of models are registered , Modellz is your destination.

Modellz gives you a wide range of value based services ranging from fashion photographers for a professional portfolio shoot , to information on acting classes, makeup artists to quote a few.

It is our objective to serve the community by providing a transparent ecosystem that will enable all stakeholders integrate, add value and thrive, ensuring mutual collaborative growth.

New entrants / aspiring entrants will find our platform friendly, apart from presenting them with sufficient opportunities. Our casting enablers will work with registered performers, helping them better their talent and providing them with the support that is required for them to reach out to excellence.

Join us to experience the best in casting services…

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